Ryan Barney Dog Training

"Training dogs and owners to create a stronger bond."

Dog Training with Ryan Barney
If you live in or around the Lakes Region of NH and you are you looking for a dog trainer to travel to your home for private dog training lessons or you are looking for dog obedience classes you have come to the right place!
I offer private in-home dog training and behavior modification, group dog obedience classes in Plymouth NH, private in-home dog obedience and semi-private obedience classes in the Lakes Region area.
I also offer Invisible Fence Training and can teach your dog to run on a treadmill to help drain excess energy especially during the long cold winter! I am committed to helping you train your new puppy, your newly adopted rescue dog or the dog you've realized needs a little extra TLC!!
Please feel free to contact me today to discuss your Dog Training needs.



What method works best for you?
Private In Home Dog Training-
If you feel as if the problems you are having with your dog are better solved outside of an obedience class or your dog is showing signs of aggression then this option is for you.

Group Dog Obedience Training-
In group classes you will learn how to teach your dog anything you want, from basic good manners, to specific behaviors. In class you benefit from the distractions of other dogs in a controlled environment.

All dog training requires owner participation. Your willingness and dedication to learn how to train your dog will make all the difference!
Dog Training and Behavior Consultations with Ryan Barney (603) 393-8399